How do you get into the telegram channel?

Our channel is considered private, as we work only with wholesale buyers. If you are the owner of a physical store or online platform and are interested in entering into a long-term cooperation for the wholesale purchase of goods, you can become a member of the telegram group Tati Italy Group. In order to be safe from retail customers and to keep the purchase prices from your side, you need to provide evidence of your own business: website link, instagram link, photos of the store and its basic information. Thanks to this closed collaboration, your final customer will not see the prices at which you buy.

How to use the telegram channel?

How to use telegram channel? We provide a link to a multichannel where many different information is published. It is impossible to join all channels at the same time, some groups block newcomers. In this case, you need to wait 10-15 minutes, after which you will gradually open access to all groups.
There is a lot of information and the user is given several sections: "Bologna wholesale" (budget Italy), "Brands wholesale" (brand shoes and bags), "Boutiques" (all boutiques, suites, outlets with which cooperates with Tati Italy Group).
We have developed a useful organizational group "Announcements", where popular items are posted, customers are informed about the movement of company managers to different warehouses, information about currency exchange rates, as well as about purchases. Despite the fact that a separate channel is developed for each brand, first notifications about new items are posted in the "Announcements" group, and then in specialized channels. To keep up to date with the latest news and novelties, we strongly recommend that you do not turn off the alerts of this group.

What are the terms and conditions for using the telegram channel?

If you're added to the Telegram channel Tati Italy GroupBut during the month you do not show activity and do not make orders, the administration of the group automatically deletes you. It is forbidden to pass the link to the channel to another user. The channel supports only our customers, our wholesalers and directly managers who accompany orders. Unfamiliar and inactive users are blocked.

What are the terms of cooperation?

The terms are very simple for any potential partner. We work with each factory on a minimum order plus invoice system. For customers who make large orders of budget Italy, Tati Italy Group offers discounts on branded items and luxury goods. The minimum order amount depends on the factory, which we will focus on when buying in bulk.

What is texture or textured goods

With each factory in Bologna we cooperate only officially by documents. The prices that are provided to the participant in the telegram channel are pure factory cost without taxes and our markup. Italians buying from factories pay an additional 22% VAT. There is no tax for our buyers, as the agency Tati Italy Group ensures that the goods leave the EU. In such a case, the factory will issue an invoice or a document for customs to prove it.
The invoice has a fixed price within 30 euros and no matter how much you order, the invoice price does not change.

How do I place an order?

To place an order you need to carefully study the telegram channel, decide on the factories and sections you are interested in, discount representative Tati Italy Group name of factories, after which you will receive contacts of experienced managers who will collect orders and accompany your purchase.

When is the best time to drop off an order?

Orders are collected after receipt and processing by our managers. On Thursday we buy out the goods, and managers continue to work, update information in telegrams, send photos of new products. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - we collect orders, on Wednesday - close accounts at the factory. Luxury brands we collect from Monday to Saturday, as some factories continue to work on Saturday.

How is redemption and payment handled?

For items in the Bologna wholesale section, all invoices are prepared on Wednesday evening and customers are notified of the amounts for redemption of goods, which is done on Thursday. The customer must be ready for payment on Thursday morning. Payment is made online from the customer's card. If you are a beginner and are afraid to make payments directly, you can use a virtual card of one-time use, raising the limit to the required amount.
Most of our customers have handed over physical bank cards on trust, which we use to make purchases. As for the "Luxury" category items, redemption and payment is done throughout the week, Monday through Saturday, so you should be ready to pay on any day.

What are the shipping days?

Shipments are mostly made on Fridays.
For Kazakhstan, aircargo is used, delivery to Almaty is made within 3-4 working days.
For Ukraine we use ground cargo, Tuesday-Wednesday the cargo is already in the country. Ground cargo is also used for Russia. The cargo takes 10 working days to reach Moscow, and after passing through customs, the cargo contacts the client. In Moscow, the shipment is redirected to direct clients.

What if the product doesn't come to us?

We ship only through proven transportation companies that have been on the market for a long time and have proven themselves as a reliable carrier. In case of problems, we have the necessary documents, thanks to which we can negotiate with them and solve all kinds of difficulties.

Is there a risk of getting a substandard product?

We are interested in your sales and recommend trusted manufacturers who focus only on quality.

Can I order items from other categories?

You can order any item from other categories including accessories, bags and shoes.

Are there any other products other than your catalog?

Our catalog is unlimited. New products/seasonal goods are displayed in the Telegram. If you are interested in a particular manufacturer and product, you can contact our manager, he will provide comprehensive and up-to-date data.

What countries do you work with?

At the moment we are actively working with: Kazakhstan, Latvia, Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Uzbekistan.

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